Victor Hănescu, who was present at Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy Kids Day, claims he saw a lot of passion and that what happens at this competition is gratifying for romanian tennis.

“I’m glad to be among children again. Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy is a convincing competition and it has already gathered a considerable number of competitors from all over the world. I’m glad to see passion and real interest for tennis. Victor Hănescu Academy, a project that is very close to my heart, is one through which I wish to draw children towards sport creating a supportive environment for them to be innitiated in tennis or to become professional tennis players. The project is growing, especially after these wonderful results in romanian tennis.Of course, the exceptional results of Simona Halep and the other girls are a real motivation for young players. The fact that at this tournament there are romanian players who have already been qualified in finals is gratifying for romanian tennis. We are pleased to see that the male competition is growing, getting stronger also. Simona has got a great chance of winning at Roland Gaross, however, this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy, there’s a great pressure that is put on her” said former number 26 ATP.

Children participating at this event hosted by the National Tennis Center could play against Victor Hănescu and Alina Tecșor, were offered sweet surprises by Paula and could even taste the newest Paula Pudding.

“I’m happy that we’re at the 8th edition of Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy’s Kids Day and that so many children have come. We are happy that Victor Hănescu has been here and we appreciate his support. I’m glad to see happiness on children’s faces because happiness is what tennis really means. It is especially important for the younger ones to come and play because they need to see how wonderful this sport is. We’ve worked on making this competition stronger from one year to another and this really shows, it reached out to be one of the strongest in Europe. We are happy to see so many romanians amongst finalists. It proves that there is a strong generation coming. Why wouldn’t one of them end up being the winner of this tour? We have a golden team at Fed Cup and we hope that one day we will bring a Saltiera to our country” said the Fed Cup coach.

At the 8th edition of international, category I competition within Tennis Europe, Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy, over 190 players from 22 different countries are attending. Official sponsor of the tournament is Dr. Oetker Romania of which you can find out more on and promoter of the event is SCG- Smart Corporation Group.