The Romanians have won all the finals of the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy, both in singles and doubles, in women’s and men’s. Thus, Sergiu Urzică won the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy, after defeating Matei Todoran in the final, score, 6-1, 6-0.

„In the final I made one of my best matches in this tournament. I’m glad I was able to concentrate. I hope to have as many matches as possible the same. First of all, I want to thank my parents for all their support. The coach, the sparring and all those who helped me. It’s incredible this Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy tournament. I like it extremely much, and the organization very good. A tournament maybe better than Petit As,” Todoran said.

Giulia Safina Popa won the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy, after defeating Alexia Ioana Tatu in the final, score 6-2, 4-6, 6-1.

„It’s an exceptional result for me, I didn’t expect that. I am very proud of myself and I thank my team. It’s a very good progress and I want to be able to play better than I did here. I dedicate the victory to my father, to my coach. I have Simona Halep as a model. An extremely good organization, I enjoyed coming to the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy,” said Giulia.

The pair Annabel Hristova (Denmark)/ Flavia Elena Ogrezeanu won the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy. After defeating in the final the double Sonia Erika Butuc Cerchez/ Ilinca Sagmar, score 4-6, 6-4, 10-5.

George Cosac (F.R. Tenis) – „At the tenth edition of the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy we had extraordinary matches, with finals won by the Romanians. Dr. Oetker made an extraordinary contribution, in this way we thank him. As a validation of the success of this anniversary truneu is the fact that 240 players from 25 countries participated. It is the biggest tournament in southeastern Europe, growing from year to year. We hope that this generation will ensure the future of Romanian tennis.”

The doubles Yannick Theodor Alexandrescou/ Sergiu Urzică won the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy. After defeating in the final, score 6-3, 6-3, double David Popa / Luva Ștefan Prunescu Niţă.

The Fair Play Trophy „in memoriam Florence Mihai” was won by Alexia Ioana Tatu, the singles finalist of the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy.

The Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy anniversary competition, which is part of tennis Europe U 14, category 1, was played later this week.

The tournament was attended by about 240 athletes from 25 countries.

The official sponsor of the tournament organized by the Romanian Tennis Federation was Dr. Oetker Romania.Iar the promoter of the competition was Harmony Advertising.

Information about the tournament can be found on the Brands: Pizza Ristorante and Paula Pudding from Dr. Oetker and Bambino Party from Angelli.

(Photo – Facebook Tennis Stars)