The players present at the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy had numerous surprises at the Players Party Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy.

Cătălina Cristea (Tournament Director Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy) – „Every year, the feed-back was a positive one. Many parents, children, coaches have told me that at Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy it is better organized than many tournaments of first-class children in Europe.

Which makes us proud to give them this chance. Although I have so many tournaments behind me the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy, I find that I still have the same emotions to make everything come out well. I thank Dr. Oetker that every year he is with us and that he is a supporter of tennis.”

Players Party of the 10th anniversary edition of the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy took place at the National Tennis Center in Bucharest.

Alina Tecșor (Fed Cup coach) – „Beautiful moments are important for children, especially in a competition. We are happy with this participation of children and the promotion of tennis. This tournament is extraordinary, the base looks sensational. The parents are very satisfied, we have improved things from year to year. I am very proud to be participating in the Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy.”

Those present tasted the cakes of the tournament prepared with cake ingredients from Dr. Oetker, from Pizza Ristorante from Dr. Oetker and Bambino Party from Angelli.

The Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy anniversary competition, which is part of tennis Europe U 14, category 1, is being played until the end of this week.

The tournament was attended by about 240 athletes from 25 countries.

The official sponsor of the tournament organized by the Romanian Tennis Federation is Dr. Oetker Romania, and the promoter of the competition is Harmony Advertising.

Information about the tournament can be found on the Brands: Pizza Ristorante and Paula Pudding from Dr. Oetker and Bambino Party from Angelli.

(Photo  – Facebook Tennis Stars)