Number one under 14 category athlete in European Tennis Rankings, Mihai Coman, had been awarded during the press conference of this year’s Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy’s edition.

“Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy is the most important junior competition in this part of Europe. It has progressively grown from one edition to another, becoming an extremely important sports event. This has been confirmed by the significant number of participants, which is undoubtedly bigger than it was in any previous edition. The interest for this tournament has also grown significanly. Half of the 190 athletes competing are romanians. Due to being a 1st category tournament, many other countries are showing great interest in attending. It would have been impossible for us to organise this event without the help of our main partner, Dr. Oetker Romania, which has been offering its support for all important tennis competitions held in Romania. These are the events that show the world : we are able to set up world-class competitions and we support our future champions. We are happy to notice that the front-players of this tournament, both for girl’s and boy’s category, are romanians.” said George Cosac F.R. Tennis Director.

Being multiple times national and international champions, Eva Maria Ionescu and David Carteputredă were offered the award “Promising Talents”.

“It is for us a great joy to see this competition growing in participants and quality.Over 190 athletes from 22 countries are attending the event. This tournament will continue to grow and we are hoping, next year, more than 200 young tennis players will be able to join. However, for me, the greatest joy was to see Eva Ionescu at the awardings. She is a great example for how much a young athlete can improve with proper support. I am proud to see these children becoming more and more successful, having better results from one competition to another” said Ioan Cozma, General Director of Dr. Oetker Romania.

The awards offered by the National Tennis Federation had been conceived by General Director of Dr. Oetker Romania and promoter of young talents, Ioan Cozma and F.R. Tennis director, George Cosac.

Official director of Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy tournament, Cătălina Cristea, announced the Fair Play Trophy in memoriam Florența Mihai.

At the 8th edition of international, category I competition within Tennis Europe, Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy, over 190 players from 22 different countries are attending. The tour is going to take place between the 20th and 26 th of may.

Official sponsor of the tournament is Dr. Oetker Romania of which you can find out more on and promoter of the event is SCG- Smart Corporation Group.