Alina Tecsor Fed Cup coach and former football player Catalin  Lita have offered a tennis demonstration for   players attending the Dr. Oetker Junior Cup Trophy tour  . There have also been numerous surprises for them.

“I am honored to be surrounded by all these wonderful, ambitious children at the seventh edition of Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy  ,the most important tournament in south-eastern Europe for children under 14 years. It’s impressive that the quality of this competition has  significantly risen judging by the number of  talented participants. It’s admirable everything that Dr. Oetker does in order to support professional tennis both for children   and   adults all around Romania through managing director of Dr. Oetker Ioan Cozma. I’m grateful that I was given the chance to coordinate , with the help of the federation , a programme for spreading tennis teaching and learning in schools. Taking in consideration  the promising results of the girls, who made it to the global elite ,I’m full of hope when it comes to getting with even more athletes in the second week of Roland Garros ” – confessed Alina Tecsor.

“I would have never imagined that in Romania it is possible to organize a tournament for young players  with such a scope as Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy is. Now I understand how it was possible to reach outstanding  performances at this moment in romanian  tennis since passionate and gifted players had been financially supported for many years . As for me ,tennis is a passion discovered recently ,but I’m already fully captivated by it. I also have children and I’m delighted to see that there is support for players their age offered by sponsors like Dr. Oetker. Many footballers play and love tennis ! “ –declared ex-football player at Steaua and FC National.

The two of them played tennis with Paula, the mascot of Paula Pudding, who shared delicious prizes and promotional material with the children attending the meeting. Also, a Paula Pudding taste took place after the meeting.

At the seventh edition of Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy, an international competition within Tennis Europe, category 1, which had taken place at Tennis National Centre in Bucharest during this week, 156 athletes from 26 different countries will compete with each other.


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