Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy

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Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy

Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy is the largest european tennis competition for juniors under 14, taking place in Romania. Between 20th – 26th of May 2019, from Monday until Sunday, aproximately 158 players from 25 countries will compete in simple and double games, at National Center of Tennis, close to National Arena Stadium, from Lia Manoliu Complex.

Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy is organized by Romanian Federation of Tennis and supervised by Tennis Europe Juniors Committee, Regional Association of Tennis International Federation. This is a top competition in eastern Europe due to the fact that the games are played on slag.

Stay tuned for the latest information on the participation of our special guests .

Latest news

Only the most talented romanian young tennis players were awarded at Dr. Oetker Junior Throphy

Number one under 14 category athlete in European Tennis Rankings, Mihai Coman, had been awarded during the press conference of this year’s Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy’s edition. “Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy is the most important junior competition in this part of Europe. It has progressively grown from one edition to




20 may
09.00 – Main draw, first round singles
11.00 – Press conference
14.00 – Main draw, first round doubles
21 may
09.00 – Main draw, first round singles and doubles
22 may
08.30 – Main draw, second round singles and doubles, consolations
19.00 – Players Party
23 may
9.00 – Main draw, third round singles, doubles and consolations
24 may
10.00 – Main draw, quarter-finals singles, semi-finals doubles and consolations
25 may
10.00 – Main draw, semi-finals singles, finals doubles and consolations
18.30 – Awards doubles ceremony
26 may
10.00 – Main draw, finals singles
15.00- Awards singles ceremony