F.R.Tennis President, George Cosac, believes that Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy became an important reference point in tennis international timetable since improving constantly, from one year to another.

“Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy is getting to be an important reference point in the European Timetable. It is an event that has already changed mindsets and that brought quality tennis back to our national tennis courts. This year’s edition is another opportunity for us to show the world that Romania is able to put together such an important event. If this is going to happen, it will be thanks to our partners: Dr. Oetker Romania and my colleagues from National Tennis Federation. Therefore,  the 8th edition of Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy has begun! This is a great achievement for category  I tournament and it is, for sure, a strong start for players up to 14 years old from this part of the world”, said Cosac.

Over 200 players from 22 different countries are going to compete at the 8th edititon of Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy, a category I international competition within Tennis Europe, which is going to take place between 20 th and 26th may.

“I am thrilled to welcome all of you to a new edition of Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy in association with Tennis Europe Junior Tour, which takes place in Bucharest. For the last 8 years, these international tournaments provide great opportunities and also a unified rating system not only for romanian athletes, but also for those from all around the world. Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy is preparing not only for tomorrow’s meets, but also for the attendance of several tennis stars. It gives us great joy that all of the results are going to be recognized internationally. Dr. Oetker Trophy category I competition is similar to Petit As from Paris. During the past years, it succeeded to gather an impressive number of competitiors and it grew to be a very important competition hosting promising players”, said Ioan Cozma, General Manager Dr. Oetker Romania.

At the press conference, which is going to take place on monday, the 20th of may, at 11:00, Mihai Coman, number 1 athlete in 14 years category of Tennis Europe Leaderboard is going to be awarded.

Other awards will be given for :

  • Promising Talents Trophy for boys, handed by George Cosac (FRT president) to David Carteputreda.
  • Conference announcement of Fair Play Trophy in memoriam Florența Mihai, handed by Cătălina Cristea (director of tournament)
  • Promising Talents Trophy for  girls, handed by Ioan Cozma (promoter of young talents in tennis)  to Eva Maria Ionescu.

Official sponsor of the tournament is Dr. Oetker Romania and promoter of the event is SCG – Smart Corporation Group.