Monday, May 26, 2014 , Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy tournament organizers , the Romanian Tennis Federation , the main sponsor of the competition – Dr.Oetker by Stephanie Sophronius, representatives from the Ministry of Youth and Sports , and other special guests gathered at the press conference held at the most important tournament for U14 youth in Romania .

Also , two prominent representatives of Romanian tennis , belonging to different generations – Aurel and Ioana Segărceanu Minca – were awarded the FRT . At the press conference spoke Cosac George (President of the Romanian Tennis Federation ) , Dinu Pescariu ( Vice FRT ) and Carmen Tocala , State Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Dr. Oetker Romania , the main sponsor of the event, was represented at the presidium table by Stephanie Sophronius , Director of Marketing.


Florence Michael Rolland Garros runner ( tournament director Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy 2014) and Director General FRT , Ciprian Savulescu , were also present at the conference . „I did already see some matches in qualifying. The level is very good . Certainly among the best players and players are athletes who participated in this competition . „Said George COSAC President of the Romanian Tennis Federation .

Dinu Pescariu recalled the efforts you have made FRT for the sports organizers to look flawless . „I hope this competition to reward the efforts made. I also thank the main sponsor , Dr. Oetker . ” He added .

Ministry of Youth and Sports, by Carmen Tocala , had sent a message of encouragement to young players present Dr.Oetker Junior Trophy: ” We are glad everything means preparing characters for future society . ( … ) Sport, above all , it teaches you the rules. ‘ Main sponsor , Dr.Oetker Romania supports community initiatives in part by engaging in several national and international competitions . ” Do we really believe that Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy is a springboard for future champions . We support tomorrow’s champions today and wish them luck to all participants! „Said Director of Marketing Dr. Oetker Romania , Stephanie Sophronius .

Liviu Ganea closed lecture at the presidium table , acknowledging their passion for sport white : „For me , football is his first love , but after football, is tennis. The tennis is more difficult , because it depends only on you. ( … ) Tennis day means a very good preparation in addition to talent. ” . Finally , he added that he hoped to see a quality tournament where paiunii give themselves their junior tennis

In the same press conference were awarded two honorary awards . Great coach Aurel Segărceanu received from the Romanian Tennis Federation by Mr. COSAC Excellence Award for contributions to women’s tennis in Romania . Minca Joan was awarded the Prize for the most spectacular growth in 2013. Trainer generations of champions and champions , Segărceanu admitted that tennis is a difficult sport , where to make the performance , the young „must be harnessed to work, dovetail sports book , play from morning until night . ”

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